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The woman with a giant heart




Love this post from my friend. Hope you enjoy it, too.

The Domestic Goddess

Stimmerific underground waterfall, The Mall, DC Stimmerific underground waterfall, The Mall, DC

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I was in school learning to become a teacher. Specifically, my major was Special Education. Even more specifically, I specialized in Autism. FUNNY HOW LIFE WORKS OUT.

Anywho, one of the reasons I went back to school to become a teacher and major in special education was my brother-in-law. He has Down syndrome and I met him the first time and thought, “This is it. This is what I want to do.” I love that guy.

We don’t see him anymore (very, very long story involving my father-in-law) and that makes me sad. But he was the catalyst that got me back to school. Up until then, I had three other majors, was in and out of several schools, and basically shuffled around for nine years until it finally dawned on me that I…

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We are born wanting.  We want food and warmth.  Then, soon, we aren’t content to be fed and so grab for the spoon.  We are carried.  Soon, while being held, we lunge for the floor, startling the adult carrying us.  We keep wanting.

We love toys but then, to the horror of our parents, we announce we are BORED.  we want more than toys.

We become picky about playmates.  Clothes are more than for comfort and warmth.  We want, we want, we want.

We become teenagers and want freedom.  We gain our freedom, and,then we,want more things.  Throughout time Man has wanted for land.  For wealth.  Today we want better cars, more technological,gadgets,   We compete not for pride but for stuff.   Even travel is a competition, today.  Have you been to Europe? No?!  Oh, my.      Or people begin a conversation with, “we just got back from.  .. “.  A thing.  An achievement.

However.  Yes, there is a however.  Sometimes as we age we grow wiser.  We realize that while big screen TVs are fun and traveling is a wonderful experience they are far from necessary to enjoy life.  They are extras.  They are add ons.

If we are lucky we discover that the best things in life are free.  They cost us time and energy only.  The best things are different for different people.

For myself,  the best things include reading a book and playing a game with family and friends.  I love to hug my dog.  Walks feel really good.  Watching the sunset reminds me that we are never alone.  Millions of people can see the sun, too. 

So when you find yourself wanting, ask yourself what you truly want.  It may be within your reach.

Walk Forward, Look Forward

Living in today can be hard. I fear for the future — I fear losing my loved ones or watching them suffer in ways I can’t help. I have battled these demons for years.  I Recognize now that when they have gotten the best of me, I’ve been at my unhealthiest. I am working hard to Be present. I understand better than ever before that when we try to walk backwards we can get hurt, cause hurt, and make a real mess of things.
Be Present. The present is the only time we have any control over.
Smile, laugh, be kind.  If you don’t know how, start small.  Smile at a stranger.  Play with a puppy.  Watch a comedy.  Look at the sky.  Those are the things I am doing more of now. 


I’ve come to believe that when we find ourselves losing faith in those around us, even those we love, that it is a sign we’ve lost faith in ourselves.   When this happens, I think it best to simplify, slow down, spend time alone, regroup, pray.  You’ll find the path back.  the journey may take some time and will likely be painful.  Rest when you must but don’t quit.  We must never quit.


True Love defined

True Love is not about never having to say you’re sorry (like Love Story asserts).   True love isn’t about love at first sight.  True love isn’t about a passionate kiss with someone you met five days ago.  Ture love is not about risking everything to run away with someone you met that week and dying instead (sorry, Shakespeare, but Romeo and Juliet could have been happy).  True love is about continuing to love someone after they disappoint you.  True love is about forgiving someone for not being everything that you need and knowing they never will be.  True love is knowing that you love someone more than anything else in this world and that you always will not in spite of but despite the way that it isn’t perfect. True love is knowing that an imperfect person is and will always be the center of your heart.  

Dancing in or out of the Moonlight


Two weeks ago I danced at my nephew’s wedding until several blisters formed on my feet.  For hours I moved to the music, laughed and sang. Now to be clear, I will dance almost anywhere.  I dance in my kitchen. I’ve been known to dance a few steps in stores if there is a good tune playing over the speakers.  Why DOES it feel so good to dance?

Fast forward to today.  I’m driving in my minivan, which I adore, and listening to the radio.  “Dancing in the Moonlight” by King Harvest comes on and I sing along.  I feel like I’ve known this song all my life. Suddenly a few of the words stand out and resonate in my mind for the first time: “We like our fun and we never fight, you cant dance and stay uptight.”  “Yessss,” I think to myself.  “Yes!” Dancing feels so amazing and one reason is that we can’t be tense or anxious when we move like that.  I smiled.

I’m still smiling hours later. Do you know you can dance anywhere?  It’s our own thoughts of right and proper that stop us.  You can even groove a little while sitting. I tend to be a pretty anxious person. I think I need to dance way more than I have been.