Death of a long lost friend

Today I learned an old friend had died.  Well, friend is perhaps not the right term. He dated my older sister for years and he was 10 years my senior.  For,a time we thought he would be with our family forever.  But he was young of heart and wild in spirit.  He loved my sister but wasn”t mature so she let him go.

Who knows what happened to him in the past 20 years? Certainly not me.  But today I learned of his death and I feel sad he passed on so young.  I remember a man who made me laugh, who liked rock music and played it loud in his car,a man who was always ready to play a game and who made my mom smile.  I seem to remember only the good things.  That is how life should be.  

Life can be hard and remembering the bad only makes it more painful.  Does it ever help to have bitter feelings, resentments, to be full of “If Only” statements?  I can’t think that it does.  Today I remember the good about Rick and I believe I always will.

Til we meet again.Image


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