Closed Doors

For as long as I can remember, people have said that when God closes a door he opens a window.  This saying never fails to leave me with an uncomfortable feeling inside.  First, I don’t think God walks around closing doors here on Earth.  Isn’t that what our free will is?  Don’t we yank on door knobs, slam doors shut and even rip them off their hinges in our completely mad humanness?

Secondly, the saying always seems to imply that we must walk away from the door and go to another door or window.  There is never any talk of returning to it later.  The door isn’t shredded, it still exists. So let’s try this: Think of someone or of an activity you used to have in your life that isn’t present any longer; a closed door, if you will. Now close your eyes and count to ten while thinking of that person or experience. Now imagine yourself returning to that door.  Would you like to knock? Would you like to see if the doorknob turns?


I believe that people and experiences can return to be important in our lives again, but only if we stop thinking of the doors as shredded when they are possibly only closed for a time.


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